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Our process is more than removing clutter and organizing, it is about transforming your life.

Your home is your sanctuary and your safe haven from the world. Your home is your life and it is much more than “stuff.”

Let us help bring a peaceful and calming environment to your life.

Spiffy Organizing can help improve any area of your environment. We provide services for all sorts of spaces, including your home, garage, storage spaces, office and more.

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Spiffy Organizing is located in Chicago and services a large portion of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Bonded and Insured.

Carlene Wolfe is the founder of Spiffy Organizing, LLC and has over ten years of experience helping people Spiffy Organizing, Carlene Wolferemove chaos from their lives. She is a Professional Organizer, Home Stager and Designer.

Carlene says, “It’s not just about the stuff. The stuff is usually just an indicator of something else not working.  As we walk through the process of your projects (whether they be a small cabinet, closet or your whole home), we will identify how your home reached its current condition. This is the first step of making changes in your life. By removing the clutter and distractions, you can focus on what really is important to you.” Learn more about Carlene here.

Congratulations on taking your first step. You wouldn’t even be reading this if you were not ready to improve your life. Contact us today by phone or email and let’s begin the journey together.

Member of The National Association of Professional Organizers and Member of The National Association of Professional Organizers Chicago

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.” Albert Einstein